This screen has been optimized to allow for quick scanning of Products during the Inventory Check-in process.

NOTE: This page has been updated in version 4.6 (and newer) of Cloud Retailer.  Older versions may not reflect all of the fields below.

Screen Layout

Product Scanning Grid

Contains the fields used to scan Products and add some counting notes.

Default Properties

  • The entire grid is not visible when the Inventory Count has been Finalized.


  • Product: The Product code or Description of a product.  If you manually type into this field, after 2 characters it will begin suggesting Products for you to click on. 
  • Description: Allows you to add a descriptive note about where or what was counted.
  • Add (+) button: Adds the selected Product and count information to the Inventory Check-in history.

Inventory Check-in History Grid

Default Properties

  • None


  • Product Code:  The UPC or Primary Product Code for the Product.
  • Employee: The name of the Employee that counted the given line.
  • Product Name: The description of the Product.
  • Date Created: The Date and Time the given line was counted.
  • Description: A descriptive note about where or what was counted.

Inventory Count Import

  • Inventory Count Import (drop target): Provides a place to drag and drop Inventory Count files for uploading.  This control can also be clicked on to open an Open file window to search for a file on your computer.