The Quick Adjust screen has been optimized to quickly edit Inventory Count quantities from their expected values, instead of doing a full reconciliation count (Complete Audit).

NOTE: This screen is new in version 4.6 (and newer) of Cloud Retailer.  Older versions will not reflect the fields below.

Screen Layout

Quick Adjust Grid

Default Properties

  • Sorted by Product code


  • Product code: The UPC or Primary Product Code for the Product.
  • Description: The description of the Product.
  • Size: The size of the Product.
  • Quantity counted: The total of all count entries for the Product.  Changes to this field are immediately saved to the system.  This field will be read-only if the Inventory Count has been Finalized.
  • Quantity expected: The current Quantity at this location.
  • Quantity variance: The difference between the Quantity expected and the quantity counted.
    • The background of this column will be Yellow if the value is 0.
    • The background of this column will be Green if the value is greater than 0.
    • The background of this column will be Red if the value is less than 0.
  • Count time: The date and time the Product was last counted.

Inventory Count Import

  • Inventory Count Import (drop target): Provides a place to drag and drop Inventory Count files for uploading.  This control can also be clicked on to open an Open file window to search for a file on your computer.