Before finalizing the Inventory Count and having the system create adjustments for products with variances, use the summary tools to ensure all products have been counted and any big discrepancies have been double-checked.

For a full understanding of our Inventory Counting system please see Overview of Inventory Counting in Cloud Retailer.

NOTE: This documentation reflects options available in version 4.6 (or later) of Cloud Retailer. For documentation on earlier versions see here.



  1. Open your Cloud Retailer Back Office software.
  2. Navigate to Tools -> Inventory Counting from the left-hand menu.
  3. Select the Quick Adjust Inventory Count for which you wish to update count values.
  4. Press the Edit Selected Inventory Count button.  This will open the Inventory Count Properties window.
  5. Use the Inventory Count Results section to help find how many products have been counted or not, as well as as any outliers with wide variances.  
    1. Validate the Unique products counted value is close to or matches the Unique products expected.
    2. Sort the results grid by any large positive Quantity variance.
    3. Sort the results grid by any large negative Quantity variance.
  6. If you find one (or more) Product(s) whose counts should be validated, recount those Products and then follow the steps depending on the Inventory count type:
  7. Repeat steps 5 & 6 until all "questionable" values have been validated.
    • What's "questionable"?  That depends on the Product, the size, your store, and a dozen other variables.  Basically, if you look at a number and say "that can't be right" to yourself, you should double-check.

NOTE: After making changes to Product count values, you may need to refresh the Inventory Count Properties page for the Inventory Count Results section to reflect correct values.

WARNING: Cloud Retailer Inventory Counting assumes that you will enter a count value for every Product that was added to it.  If a Product is present on a count when Finalized, but no count data was entered, a quantity of 0 will be assumed.

Next Steps

Once you're confident in your counts, check out Walkthrough - Finalizing an Inventory Count to complete the Inventory Count process.