Please review the procedures below to implement EBT at the POS.  Please note that support of EBT is subject to change based on customer demand.

Special Note: if your store accepts EBT, we require an EBT test card in order to configure the payment terminals to accept EBT.


Types of EBT payment methods

See this guide for configuring payment methods.

  • EBT - This is used prompt for EBT FOOD STAMP or EBT CASH BENEFIT on the terminal.
    • NOTE: This should ONLY be used if you're offering EBT and EBT Cash Benefits to your customers.
  • EBT FOODSTAMP - This is used for processing food stamps only.
  • EBT CASHBENEFIT - This is used for processing food stamps and also cash on the EBT card.

Making a product EBT eligible

To make a product EBT eligible, simply tag the product with EBT.

  1. From the back office go to the product catalog
  2. Search for the desired EBT eligible product and click "Edit selected Product(s)"
  3. Click the tag icon and enter in "EBT"
  4. Click "Save"
  5. Wait 2 minutes or manually sync the register for the change to become live

Built in Restrictions
Products not tagged with EBT will be denied when the EBT payment method is used.
If the payment total for EBT exceeds the amount eligible, then this prompt will appear to warn the cashier:

Balance Check
There are currently two options for checking EBT balance.
  1. Food Stamp Balance
  2. Cash Benefits Balance
If these buttons are not set up, contact RITE support and a technician will set these up for you.

Eligible and non-eligible EBT products on a transaction
You may come into the scenario where you have transactions where products will be a mix of EBT eligible and non-EBT eligible.  As long as the items are properly tagged in Cloud Retailer to be eligible for EBT, this will be handled automatically.

After you have rung up items into a transaction, click on the EBT payment button on the task pad (If you don't have one, contact RITE support to have it setup). Ideally, this button will be used on all sales where a EBT payment is expected.

Once you have done that, this will pop up on the screen:

The "EBT Foodstamp" on the lower area has the total all the EBT eligible items.  Click on "Ok" to accept. The EBT Payment Method will be populated with this amount and you can then assign the remainder to another payment method.

Note: If you see a discrepancy in the total, verify that all products are properly tagged with EBT. You will not be allowed to adjust the total greater than the total of all eligible products (see restrictions).

Here is a video showing how to add product tags: