Below is a quick list of troubleshooting tips when you're having synchronization issues with the POS.


If you recently updated Cloud Retailer to resolve a synchronization issue and sync issues are persisting, reboot the machine and try again.


Restarting the POS sync service 
This can solve some very basic sync issues without having to restart the computer.

1. Right click on the task bar at  the bottom of the screen, and choose "task manager" from the list.

2. With the task manager now open, choose the "services" tab (last to the right), then browse the list until you find "CrPosSyncService"

3. You can now Start, Stop, or Restart the service from here.  If it is not running currently, start the service.  If it is currently running, try restarting.  

Here is a video covering the above information:

Average Time to Complete

15 minutes


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