Batch Updating and Rolling Back Sale Prices

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    Sometimes you might want to change the sale price of many items at once for a limited time, and then roll back all those products to the original sale prices. This process can be optimized to save a lot of duplicated effort, but the steps must be followed carefully. You should be moderately familiar with Excel to attempt this process.


1.       Create a product list report filtered to only the items you want to put on sale, or as close as you can get.

2.       Modify the report so that it only shows the Product Description (and any other fields you might want for reference, like Retail Price or Cost), Product Code, Sale Price, Sale Start, and Sale End. These last four fields are required (Product Code, Sale Price, Sale Start, and Sale End).

3.       Export the report to Excel.

4.       Open the report in Excel and change the Sale Start and Sale End columns to Short Date format.

5.       You can delete the rows of the products you don’t want to change, if any.

6.       Change the column headers as follows

a.       Change Product Code to Code

b.       Change Sale Price to SalePrice

c.       Change Sale Start to SaleStartDate

d.       Change Sale End to SaleEndDate

7.       Save the Excel file as Original Sales Prices date (i.e. “Original Sale Prices 11-13-2018.xlsx”)

8.       Change the sale prices and sale start and end dates as required.

9.       Click Save As and save the Excel file as New Sales Prices date (i.e. “New Sale Prices 11-13-2018.xlsx”)

10.   Delete all of the columns except the four columns we renamed (Code, SalePrice, SaleStartDate, and SaleEndDate).

11.   Click Save As and save as a csv file, then close Excel.

NOTE: The csv file should only be used in step 12. If you need to make changes to the csv file, don’t open it in Excel! Delete it, then open the Excel file you saved in step 6 or step 8, make the changes in the Excel file, then proceed with step 10

12.   In the Cloud Retailer back office, go to Tools > Import Tools then click on Products in the column on the left.

13.   Select the location you want to apply the sale prices to in the “Location to which the products will be loaded” drop list.

14.   Drag the New Sale Prices date.csv file into the box labeled “Drop files here to upload”.

15.   Click the Import button.

16.   Check your results in the product catalog.

17.   When you want to roll back to the original sales prices, open the Original Sales Prices date.xlsx  file and repeat steps 10-16.

Note: if you are not familiar with importing and exporting data using Microsoft Excel, we are happy to assist. This would be billable time.

Average Time to Complete

30 minutes

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