Gift Pack Customization

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This guide will explain how to add and use Gift Pack customization. If you have any issues beyond what is shown in this guide, please contact RITE Support at or 320-230-2282.

The purpose of this customization is to allow the cashier to enter shipping details on the POS screen when any "Gift Pack" item is added to the transaction. After adding the item, a window will appear to enter the total shipping cost. The next window will ask for the shipping address details.

The system uses tag along products and a query filter to find any product that contains the phrase "Gift Pack" (without quotes) and DOES NOT contain "Shipping" (without quotes) in the product description. When a gift pack item is added to the transaction, the system will prompt the cashier to fill out the shipping cost and shipping details form. Tag along products allow the cashier to add multiple products without having to add each item individually. As soon as the first item is added, any tag along products associated with the first item will be added as well. For most , the first item will always be the shipping item and the Gift Pack item will be the tag along product.



1. Create the items

If the item does not already exist in the system, then create a new product. You will need to create two items: the gift pack item and the shipping item. Please ensure the phrase "Gift Pack" or "Shipping" (without quotes) is listed in each product description. If both the gift pack item and shipping item already exist, move on to step 2. See the following examples:

2. Assign "Tag along products"

On the Shipping item, click on the blue "Tag along products" button below the Product Basic Data. Check to see if the Gift Pack item is listed. If not, then add the product UPC into the Product field to search for the Gift Pack item. Then, select the quantity you want to be added to the transaction (this will almost always be 1). Then, click "Accept" to save the tag along product.

3. Add the gift pack task pad button

CAUTION: Making changes to the taskpad can have unintended consequences and may change how other taskpads function. Do not make changes to the taskpad unless you know what you are changing.

a. From the back office home screen, go to Admin ---> Taskpads. There will be a table listing all the taskpads, look for "Gift Packs" (without quotes) and double-click on it to open up the taskpad details.

b. If there are no open buttons available, increase the number of columns or rows.

c. Select an available button and add the following values (See photo for an example):

           1. Text (This is what will display on the button)

           2. Color (click on the empty space to choose a color from the color chart)

           3. Command MUST BE THE FOLLOWING: "Sales: Add Line Item" (without quotes)

           4. In the box below Command, MUST BE THE FOLLOWING:


    "ProductCode": "00010276"


               Make sure to put the correct product code in place of the "00010276" (with quotes). This must be the Shipping                    UPC, not the Gift Pack UPC.

           5. "Manual Close" is enabled

d. Select "Save" at the top of the screen


1. On the POS taskpad, select "ITEM MENU" (right column, third from the bottom) then "GIFT PACKS" (middle column, third from bottom).

2. Select the Gift Pack item the customer wishes to purchase.

3. Enter the total shipping cost

4. Enter the shipping details

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