Common variables used for label formats (ZPL)

Modified on Fri, 9 Dec, 2022 at 4:32 PM


    These are the variables used most often by customers in label or receipts templates.


The description for the product

The notes field for the product

Product category

Product department

The size of the product.

The name of the store location

The full name of the company (shown on a receipt)

The product / upc code for the product. This is often embedded in a barcode for scanning purposes.


Regular item price

The product's price A

The product's price B

The product's price C

The product's current sale price

The sale start date

The sale end date

Does this product allow discounts? True/false

The description (name) of the sales tax

Notice that with price, like @Model.Data.Price.ToString("C"), it has a ("C") after it, this is the designation that it's currency and should be formatted as such.  Our application using standard Microsoft formatting functions.  This means you can apply many different types of formatting to the text that appears on labels, receipts, reports, etc.  See this website for additional details:

You can get a list of every variable that is available by adding a button to the POS taskpad using the command "Labels: Display Documentation".  When you execute this button the system will export a file that will contain a list of every variable option available.  As the software continues to evolve so too will this list.


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