Abort Card Processing | Adjusting the Abort Button Delay

Modified on Mon, 6 Jun, 2022 at 2:32 PM


    Applies to Cloud Retailer version 2.8 or greater.


In cases where your credit card terminal or POS encounters poor or no network connection, the abort button will allow you to abort the transaction. The abort button will appear similar to the image below after 20 seconds from when the transaction started. This button will appear whether you are having network issues or not.

Upon clicking the abort button, you will see a window prompting you to confirm the abort action. This will cause the point of sale to stop listening for a response from the payment terminal. Once the terminal reconnects to the network, it will attempt to revert the payment that may have been processed. You will have the opportunity to complete the transaction again.

RecommendationsWe highly recommend using this button on rare occasions. Here are the general recommendations / tips:

  • Never reboot the computer during a credit card transaction (even if it is timing out). In these situations, this is where the abort button will come in handy.
  • If you aborted a transaction, it will need to be ran again (even if the payment went through). The POS will revert the transaction once the terminal reconnects to the network.
  • If the payment can't revert, now what? Likely, the POS is trying to connect to the terminal and revert the transaction, but there is no network connection to the terminal. You may see multiple attempts to revert.
  • If you are concerned about duplicate transactions or not receiving any payment, you can verify with the terminal history. This terminal history button is typically located under the Manager taskpad > Terminal > Terminal History. Here is a video showing how to find the payment terminal history from the POS screen in Cloud Retailer:

Adjust the abort button delay
Applies to Cloud Retailer version 2.10.9 or greater. If you want to adjust when the abort button appears, follow these steps:
  1. From the back office navigate to Admin > Admin Catalog
  2. Click Global Entity Settings
  3. Click Electronic Payments
  4. Modify the text field adjacent to Electronic payments abort button delay (seconds) to the desired delay time > Save

(note that you need log in credentials that allow you access to Global Entity Settings in order see the above options)

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