From the Cloud Retailer back office you can send label print jobs to the store locations.  To do this, you need a label printer set up on the same machines a point of sale station.  It then uses that POS station to relay the print job from the back office to the label printer residing at a given store location.  You can, for example, request labels to be printed at store 1 from a beach in Mexico.


To set this up you first need to define the label printers.  To do this go to Admin > Device / register list.  Then find the POS station in the list that has a printer you use.  Go to the section of the register configuration where your receipt printer, barcode scanner, and other peripherals are configured and add a new device name for the printer.  The device name needs to be exactly the same as the printers name in the Windows operating system.  Define the device type as "Windows Printer" and do not define a document set.

Make sure the printer driver is set to Generic/Text Only. This will update the printer name to Generic/Text Only. You will want to rename the printer after making that change.

Once you do this the new printer should now see an option for that printer in a few places.  One of them is inside product records - like so:

A second place you will see these printers is inside the "Auto-route" functionality inside the label printing queue.

This similarly, allows you to print labels to POS stations and will automatically route large quantities of labels from the queue based on the location where the label is queued to print.

Here is a helpful video showing the above information: