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    There are many tools for designing ZPL-type labels, our favorite is Zebra's Designer 3 software.  It's free.  You can start by downloading the application - here is a link.


NOTICE: designing labels is an advanced topic and may be too technical for many users.  The Cloud Retailer team is happy to assist.  Label designing services require a premium services contract.
Once Zebra Designer is installed, run the application. You'll want to download one of our label templates instead of starting from scratch.

Here is a short video taking you through how to use the Zebra Designer application and upload your designs to Cloud Retailer.
PLEASE NOTE: when Uploading your templates to Cloud Retailer there are a couple of extra steps you will want to take to ensure proper printing of your design.
Step 1 - At the top of the code you pasted in add
<div style="font-size:0.5px; color:white;"><pre>

Step 2 - At the very end of the code that you pasted in, remove the last ^XZ and paste the following in its place.

</pre></div>@Model.Location.Name<br>@Model.Data.Description<br>@Model.Data.PrimaryProductCode<br>@Model.Data.Price.ToString("C")<br><div style="font-size:0.5px; color:white;"><pre>^XZ</pre></div>
It should look something like this:
If you need to move a text field you will want to edit the numbers after the ^FO associated with the text you want to move. The first number will move it left and right add to the number to go right, subtract to go left. The second number will move it up or down on the label add to go down, subtract to move up.
If you need to move the Barcode the same logic applies but with the numbers following the ^FT
All labels, even the most meticulously designed, can need tweaking. If you don't feel comfortable doing so yourself we would be happy to assist via premium services. If you're unsure what Premium Service entails see our Support Covered page for details here.
If you are receiving a blue screen error when loading the label designer please click the link below:
Label Printer Blue Screen Error

Here are some variable names that you can use to display price data in labels:

Sale price -   @ProductDynamic.SalePrice.ToString("C")  (or try @Model.ProductDynamic.SalePrice .ToString("C") )
Price A -   @ProductDynamic.PriceA.ToString("C")       (or try @Model.ProductDynamic.PriceA.ToString("C") )
Price B -   @ProductDynamic.PriceB.ToString("C")       (or try @Model.ProductDynamic.PriceB.ToString("C") )
Price C -   @ProductDynamic.PriceC.ToString("C")        (or try @Model.ProductDynamic.PriceC.ToString("C") )

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