Combine Loyalty accounts to share points

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   What happens when you have two customers within the same family that would like to share points but they each have their own loyalty account. 

There is a way to combine accounts so they share points.


First you will want to find out who you want to have the main account under. For this example we will say that a husband and wife want to share the account. I recommend who ever has the most amount of points be the main account.
  1. Log in to the back office and go to AdminLoyalty Memberships. Here you can search for both the husband and wife and check the points.
  2. Search for the member you want to check then highlight the customer and select "Edit Selected Loyalty Membership".
  3. You will want to record a few numbers from both accounts. Start with the account you want to link to another account. 
    1. Record the Loyalty Card "Number". <----- This ONLY needs to be recorded from the account you want to link to another account.
    2. Record the "Points". <---- Record this number for both accounts.
  4. Once you have the information recorded you can now "Unlink" the account you want linked to another account. Navigate to the Loyalty Membership you want linked to another account.
  5. Click the check mark next to "Is Active?" to make the husbands account inactive and allow you to add the account to another account.
  6. Click "Save". It should now look like this.
  7. Navigate to the wife's account you want the account to be linked to.

  8. Click the "Add Card" to link the Loyalty Card you recorded for the husbands account.
  9. Now you can enter the Loyalty Card number you recorded earlier in the box that appears. 
  10. Once you have entered the number click "Save" at the top right. You should now have one extra number under this account. If you had one previously you should now have two.
    NOTE: If you go back to the account you made in active after you have saved and try to activate it you will get a message similar to this. This is normal operation. It prevents two loyalty cards from being used on the same program more than once.
  11. Verify that since you saved it the points were added to the account from the account you just linked. If they did you're done. If they did not then proceed to the next step.
  12. If the points did not move to the new account you will need to make a manual adjustment. Enter the points you recorded earlier from the account you just linked to this account plus the current account points in the "Points" box. If they had 880 points and the other account only had 20 you will want to enter 900 then click "Save".

If you need assistance completing we're happy to help. That will fall under the Premium (paid/billable) Service charge.

Depending on how you set up your loyalty program and customers in Cloud Retailer, this video may also be helpful (best to err on the side of caution and contact or 888-267-7483 for more in depth assistance):

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