Remote Access Expectations and Details

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We utilize Connectwise's Control product for remote access (otherwise known as ScreenConnect) for remote access to our customer's computers.  Below is a list of key details about our remote access system:

  • We utilize strong SSL encryption for our remote access sessions.
  • We utilize two-factor authentication for our technical team in order for them to access the remote access systems.
  • It does require OUTBOUND traffic on two different network ports to our networks IP address.  This is required.  If you'd like to restrict ScreenConnect access to your network by binding it to ours we'll gladly provide you with the specific IP addresses and ports we use for access.  Please contact us for details.
  • There are two flavors: invitation only (we can only log in when you explicitly invite us into your machine) and permanent access, where we can log in at will.
  • The ScreenConnect "invitation only" does require a user's ability to browse to a specific URL, download, and run an executable.  It will work on a Windows "limited" user account provided it has those abilities.  An executable can be downloaded in advance and run on a machine to avoid the need to utilize a web browser.
  • If we're deploying a system for you, we expect that we'll be able to use our invitation access (at a minimum) and will be logged in with a Windows user that has administrative permissions so we can execute our jobs efficiently.   We'll require that the username and password for this domain account will be provided to us if RITE is supporting the installation (not through a certified Cloud Retailer certified reseller).
  • Our applications do not require administrative access to run but they do to be installed
  • Our standard definition for "burdensome" access is if gaining remote access to the system in a way that allows us to accomplish our goal unhindered is 5 minutes or less.  Burdensome access may increase the cost of your deployment OR may result in additional charges for ongoing services.
  • If special remote access considerations are required, no problem.  Discuss it with your technical contact - we can likely accommodate!

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