Configuring a Customer Display

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This article will cover how to configure a monitor to be used as a customer display.  Incorrectly configuring these settings will cause the customer display window to be placed on the wrong monitor.  Please see the references for more information on how to change the logo or create original content to be used for your custom display.


  1. Navigate to Admin > Global Attachments, right click the link of the content you would like displayed on your Customer Display, and select copy link address.

  2. Navigate to Admin > Customer display schedules and select Create New Customer Display Schedule.

  3. Customize the Description and Code fields to best suit your requirements and verify that the Is Active option is enabled.

  4.  Select Add new entry and paste the the link we captured in step one into the Resource Url field. Change the Type to properly match the type of content you are adding. If you are adding an html file, as set up in the Creating content for the customer display article, set the Type to page. Save the changes made.

  5. Navigate to Admin > Device / register list, select the register you are configuring the Customer Display for, and select Edit Selected Register(s).

  6. Minimize your browser window to access your desktop. Right click on an empty spot on your desktop and select Display Settings.
  7. Move the Customer Display monitor to the right of your main monitor ensuring the tops of both monitors align. If you are having issues with the monitor snapping to the wrong position hold the Ctrl key while dragging the Customer Display Monitor. Once it is aligned properly select Apply. In the example provided Monitor is the main cashier facing monitor and Monitor 3 is the Customer Display Monitor.

  8.  Select you main monitor and ensure it is highlighted blue. Scroll down to Display Resolution and take note of the first value. We are going to need this value later.

  9. Return to the top and select the customer facing monitor. Scroll back down and take note of both values under Display Resolution. We will need these values later as well.
  10. Reopen your browser window to access your back office. Scroll to the bottom of the Edit Register page to find the Customer Display Configuration section.

        a. Select the Customer Display Schedule created in Step 3 in the drop down menu for Customer Display Schedule
        b. Change the View left value to match the value you captured in Step 8. 
        c. Change the View height value to match the second value you captured in Step 9.
        d. Change the View width value to match the first value you captured in Step 9.
        eEnsure Enabled is checked and active.
        f. Customize the other fields to best match your preferences.

  11. Save the page, sync the Cloud Retailer POS, then close and reopen Cloud Retailer POS and login. Your new Customer Display will now be displayed on your Customer Facing monitor.

Here is a video that helps highlight some of the above steps:


  • If your customer display screen is completely black and your Receipt view percent is 0.00, change the Receipt view percent to 0.01.
  • If the customer display screen is displaying the back office login page, navigate to Admin > Global Attachments and ensure the displayed content has the Allow anonymous access box checked.
  • Ensure your back office View height and View width properly reflect the customer display's resolution and that the values are not flipped.


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