This article will cover how to configure a monitor to be used as a customer display.  Incorrectly configuring these settings will cause the customer display window to be placed on the wrong monitor.  Please see the references for more information on how to change the logo or create original content to be used for your custom display.


  1. Get the monitor's screen resolution.
    1. To start, minimize all active windows so only your desktop is displayed.
    2. Right-click anywhere on the desktop.
    3. Click on Display Settings.
    4. Click on Identify to display a number on each monitor.
    5. Click on the display matching the number for the customer display.  This is usually the monitor that is identified as two.
    6. Scroll down to Screen Resolution. 
    7. Record this value for later.  Example: 1920 x 1080 or 800 x 600.
  2. Log into Cloud Retailer.
  3. Navigate to Admin -> Device/Register List
  4. Select the device to configure.
  5. Click Edit Selected Register(s)
  6. Scroll down to the Customer Display Configurationsection
    1. Set the Customer Display Schedule to the display you wish to use.  Cloud Retailer has a default customer display.
    2. Allow view sizing is typically disabled
    3. Full screen mode will hide the taskbar.  This is typically enabled.
    4. View top should be set to 0.
    5. View left should be set to your main screen's resolution width + 1.  Example: 1920 + 1 = 1921.
    6. View height should be set to your screen resolution height.  Example: 1080.
    7. View width should be set to your screen resolution width.  Example: 1920.
    8. Receipt view percent is the percent of the screen width to be used for displaying the receipt information.
    9. Setting refresh rate is typically set to 0.
    10. Footer scale percent is typically set to 50 %
    11. Enabled will enable or disable the display window.

Here is a video that helps highlight some of the above steps: