Texas TABC Sticker Tracking

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The Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission (TABC) provides serial number ID stickers to Local Distributor Permit (LP) holders to place on bottles of distilled spirits.  Local distributors must place these stamps on containers before selling the product to retailers that hold one of the following types of licenses:

  • Mixed Beverage Permit (MB)
  • Private Club Registration Permit (N)
  • Private Club Exemption Certifcate Permit (NE)

This article will describe how to track the TABC stickers in Cloud Retailer to remain compliant with the guidelines set for the state of Texas.  If you have any questions unrelated to the processes in Cloud Retailer, please see the References section below for the TABC contact information.

Add a Prefix to the Set TABC Sticker Button

Each TABC sticker will contain a prefix that is not encoded into the barcode on the sticker.  You can configure your Set TABC Sticker button to automatically apply this prefix to simplify the workflow for your employees.  If you set this prefix, you will need to update the button whenever you begin a new sheet of TABC stickers with a different prefix.

  1. Log into your back office
  2. Navigate to Admin -> Task Pads
  3. On the left, click on the task pad name that contains the Set TABC Sticker button.  This will most likely be your POS DEFAULT task pad.
  4. In the Task Pad Preview, click on the Set TABC Sticker button
  5. Update the Prefix value in the Command text box to match your current group of stickers.  In the example below, our stickers begin with "SH".
  6. Press the Save button to commit the changes

Making a Club Order with TABC Stickers

  1. Log into your POS
  2. Search for the Club's customer account by pressing the Lookup Customer or Club Customers button
  3. Click on the row in the search results for the Club
  4. Click the Select button to add them to the transaction
  5. Scan an item's barcode to add it to the transaction
    1. If the item is a distilled spirit, attach a TABC sticker to the bottle
    2. In Cloud Retailer, press the Set TABC Sticker button
    3. If the task pad button is not configured with the prefix for your current group of stickers, manually type the letter prefix into the prompt
    4. Scan the TABC sticker into the prompt
    5. Verify the number in the field matches the sticker
    6. Press the Set button
  6. Repeat step 5 for every item until the order is complete
  7. Tender the transaction

Looking Up a Used Sticker

There will be times when the state or your customer will require information regarding a specific sticker.  This information is stored in Cloud Retailer in our TABC Sticker Report which contains a date filter and a string filter.  This allows you to enter an approximate date on when the sticker was used and/or the exact sticker number.

  1. Log into your back office
  2. Navigate to Reports -> TABC Sticker Report.  Please contact support@rite.us if you do not have this report.
  3. Set the Sales From and Sales To date to an approximate date of when the sticker was used
  4. Enter the stamp number in the Item Comment filter
  5. Press the magnifying glass to perform the search


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