You can print out the attached word document (.docx) 

Make sure you have all the devices in the list (if applicable) and connections are properly set 

For customers purchasing the C-14Scan the QR code below to follow on how to make those connections


  1. Credit card terminal

  1. Receipt Printer

  1. Cash Drawer

  1. Barcode Scanner

  1. Monitor

  1. Computer

  1. Mouse (If applicable)

  1. Keyboard (If applicable)


  1. Make sure the hardware is connected properly to the computer


  1. Monitor


  1. Barcode scanner


  1. Receipt printer


  1. Connect drawer to the receipt printer


  1. Mouse (If applicable)


  1. Keyboard (If applicable)

  1. Connect the Credit Card Terminal and the computer to the internet

  1. Connect computer and Credit Card Terminal to power


You can also watch this video on how to setup your C14 POS:


Note: Ethernet cable is not included