Important things to know with Dual Pricing

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In this article, we will go over some information about Dos and Dont's with Dual Pricing.

Why Dual Pricing is Better

  • When you advertise your prices you can advertise with the lower cash price in your advertisements as compared to requiring to advertise the higher price when it comes to cash discounts.

  • With dual pricing, there is no surcharge listed on the receipt. The price the customer pays is the price listed on the receipt, which reduces complexity and confusion for both the customer and the cashier.

  • With dual pricing there is no rule or regulation stating how much of your credit card fees you can pass on to the customer. With surcharging there is a limit to what percentage you can charge.

  • Dual Pricing is legal in all 50 states.


  • Once Dual Pricing is enabled and working in Cloud Retailer, there are a couple of things that your store will be required to post.
    • First, make sure you download and print the Dual Pricing sign and post it at the front of the store. The sign can be found here: Dual Pricing Signage

    • Second, replace your shelf tags with tags that have both the Cash and Card prices. After setting up Dual Pricing in Cloud Retailer for your store, there will be a new label template installed in your back office to allow for the printing of shelf tags with both the Cash and Card prices. The QR code on the label is the product code.

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