Dual Pricing - Frequently Asked Questions for Cashiers

Modified on Tue, 9 Jul at 1:44 PM

"Why are you doing this now?"

  • When people pay with credit card, the big banks and credit card companies charge a percentage of the transaction. 
  • This helps us keep our costs down by giving people the option to pay cash for the lowest price!
  • We think people have a right to know where their money goes.
  • This helps keep more money in the local economy, instead of going to some bank on the other side of the country!

"I'm paying with Debit Card - why don't I get the cash price?"

  • We only process card transactions as credit. 
  • You might have noticed when you pay at some other stores with your Visa or MC debit card there is a choice to bypass a pin. 
  • Most people don't want to enter their pin number. 
  • When they don't, it processes the transaction as credit instead - and then the CC companies charge a percentage of that transaction, just like with a credit card.

"Why don't you give the option to pay debit then?"

  • Once our point-of-sale computer sends a transaction to the credit card terminal, there is no way for the CC terminal to change the price back on our computer if someone picks a different option. 
  • People might think they are paying debit, then pick an option that ends up processing as credit. 
  • Credit card terminals have very complicated and secure programming to protect customers - including not allowing a price change while processing a transaction.

"Credit cards are the new normal. Paying the fees is just the cost of doing business."

  • You're right - any business that takes cards is paying fees.
  • As the saying goes, nothing is free. They just bake those fees into higher costs - costs that get shared with cash-paying customers too. 
  • We want to give our customers the option of paying cash and saving more!

"You can't tax that extra cost / credit card charges are non-taxable."

  • This isn't a credit card surcharge or separate fee - this is the actual price of the item. 
  • There are two prices - a card price, and a lower cash price. 
  • We are required by law to collect taxes on the retail price that we're charging.


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