Disabling a POS station

Modified on Mon, 6 Feb, 2023 at 1:38 PM


    There may be instances where you have a rouge POS station, maybe a tablet device is stolen, etc, and you want to disable that POS station from working - here's how you do it.


Go to Admin > Device / Register List > open the properties of the register in question.

Once you’re in the register properties you have two options

Option A - Uncheck the box under the “Register Data” called Is active

If you do this data will no longer upload from the register to the server and cashiers will be prevented from running transactions on the software.

Data WILL still download to the POS station.

Option B - Uncheck the box under the Authentication Token called Is enabled

If you do that ALL data will be stopped from synchronizing BUT this does not necessarily disable the till from being used.  If you want to disable the register from being used AND disable synchronization, we recommend that you perform step A first, confirm that the register has synchronized and then performing step B

If you are truly ending the use of a register, we also strongly recommend uninstalling the Cloud Retailer software from that machine and choosing the option for the system to remove all data (when possible)

Here is a video showing the above procedures:

Average Time to Complete 

10 minutes

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