There are several methods of accomplishing a return or void, and it is entirely dependent on the return scenario. Lets first get familiar with the past receipts window.


On your POS task pad click the "Past Receipts" button. This will launch the Past receipts Window.
A. Text box to enter or scan in a scan code (located on the sales receipt)
B. Date filter (When did the transaction occur?)
C. Source machine (which register did the transaction complete on?)
D. Search (Enter key)
E. List of transaction(s)
F. Item(s) in the selected transaction
G. View the selected receipt
H. Print a gift receipt
I. View the signature on the receipt (if applicable)
J. Partially returns specified items from the transaction
K. Void the entire transaction
L. Closes the Past Receipt window

Void: Returning all items
From the "Past Receipt" window: 
  1. Scan the receipt into the scan code text box or enter in the scan code manually.
    • If the scan code is searched for manually the date filter will automatically set to "Any date".
  2. Select the "Void transaction" button.
  3. You will be presented with an option to use original payments methods or not.
    • If "Yes" was selected the transaction will use the original payment method and void out.
    • If "No" was selected, you will be presented with the tender window to select the desired payment type.
Partial Return: Returning some items
From the "Past Receipt" window: 
  1. Scan the receipt into the scan code text box or enter in the scan code manually.
  2. Select "Partially Return Trans" button. A new window will open.
  3. Enter the quantity to be returned on the items the customer is returning.
  4. Select "Return". The tender window will open.
  5. Complete the return with the preferred payment method.
Return mode: Returning with no receipt
  1. On your task pad locate and select the button called "Return Mode".
    • The location of this button depends on how your task-pads are configured.
    • The transaction window will be outlined with red to indicate you are in return mode.
  2. Scan the products the customer is returning and complete the return with a payment method.
    • This return will not account for discounts that may have been used on the original transaction.
Important note: if the to-be-voided transaction was a credit card payment and the credit card batch has been settled with the original payment, then the previously used card must be present to complete the void / partial return (if they want to return/void with the original payment method).

Here is a video highlighting the above procedures:

Average Time to Complete

15 minutes