Configuring customer property restriction settings

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Cloud Retailer is highly configurable when it comes to being able to change the permissions on which fields are editable or even viewable depending on how the user role is setup. This article will show you how to manage the ability to edit or view specific fields for creating/editing the customer.


  1. Log into the back office of Cloud Retailer.

  2. Click on Admin --> Lists
  3. Find the list named "Customer" with the scope of "Permission", select it and then click on edit selected lists in the upper right

  4. Click on Add new entry at the bottom. This will create a new line with an empty text box. The text box is the new permission that will be added to the customer property restrction settings section of the user role
    1. The box must be filled out with the apprpriate permission name. This is all case sensitive, so make sure you enter the permission name correctly from the list below.
    2. The permission must be ended with a .Edit or a .View, this is also case sensitive. Example: FirstName.Edit (changes if the user can edit the First Name field) or FirstName.View (changes if the user can see the First Name field)
    3. The different permissions are:
      • AccountNumber - The customer Account Number field
      • CustomerTitle - The customer Title dropdown
      • FirstName - The customer First Name field
      • LastName - The customer Last Name field
      • EmailAddress - The customer Email Addres field
      • BirthDate - The customer Birth Date calendar select field
      • CanManagePaymentTokens - The customer Tokenization Enabled switch
      • IsActive - The customer Is Active? switch
      • DriverLicenseNumber - The customer Driver License Number field
      • IsEmployeeAccount - The customer Is Employee Account? switch
      • TaxExempt - The customer Tax Exempt? switch
      • TaxExemptionNumber - The customer Tax Exemption Number field
      • PriceLevel - The customer Price Level dropdown
      • DiscountPercent - The customer Discount Percent field
      • LocationId - The customer Home Store dropdown
      • CustomDiscountId - The customer Persistent Custom Discount
      • Address1 - The customer Address 1 field
      • Address2 - The customer Address 2 field
      • CompanyName - The customer Company Name field
      • City - The customer City field
      • State - The customer State dropdown
      • Zipcode - The customer Zip Code field
      • Country - The customer Country field
      • PhoneNumber - The customer Phone Number field
      • CellPhoneNumber - The customer Cell Phone Number field
      • FaxNumber - The customer Fax Number field
      • CreditLimit - The customer Credit Limit field
    4. When a new permission is added to the customer property restriction settings, by default the permission will be set to off for ALL roles.
  5. After adding a customer property restriction, go to Admin --> Manage employee roles
  6. Find the role you would like to edit, select it and click edit selected role(s)
  7. Scroll down to the Csutomer Property Restrictions section and make adjustments to the properties that where recently added
  8. Once you are satisfied with the permission changes click on Save in the upper right corner.


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