You may be wondering how you can limit the report to only certain staff within your organization. This can be accomplished by using report permissions.


These can be set based on the Roles defined in the system. This can vary from system to system. If you're not sure what you have for Roles you should review them in the back office under Admin > Manage Employee Roles.

Steps to configure the Report Permissions.

    1. Log in to the back office.

    2. Navigate to the report you want to limit access to and open the properties by clicking on the Plus sign on the upper-left side and choosing Configuration.

    3. At the top left you will see the different Roles within the system.

    4. Make the box blue with a white check mark to allow access to the roles you want to be able to view the report.
    5.Click "Save". in the upper-right side.
    6.NOTE: Once permissions have been set on a report the report must always have a permission enabled for at least one role or no one but the RITE staff will be able to see it. If this happens or you need assistance this will incur a premium service charge.

Here is a video showing the above procedure: